Haul: A Different Kind of Haul...

I'm so excited!  My first order from LotionCrafter came in today.  I have another order from SkinEssentialActives coming in hopefully next week, and then everything will be all set!  *mad scientist cackle*

The scale and weight are actually from Amazon, but I figured I'd throw them in there too.  Hubby was remarking that it looks like a beginner's meth lab...  As if a meth lab would have cute, tiny little jugs and samples?  Wait, would it?

Anyway, here's a breakdown of what's all in that picture:

  • American Weigh 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale
  • 100g Calibration Weight
  • Allantoin 1 oz
  • Borage Seed Oil 1 oz
  • Castor Oil 4 oz
  • Ceramide Complex 8g
  • Corning Lab Spatula (1)
  • Crystalline Stir Rod (10)
  • dl-Panthenol 1 oz
  • Ferulic Acid 1 g
  • Glycerin 5 oz
  • Goji Berry Extract 1 oz
  • Green Tea Extract 1 oz
  • Hyaluronic Acid 1 g
  • L-Ascorbic Acid, Ultrafine 1 oz
  • Licorice Root Extract 2 oz
  • Optiphen 4 oz
  • Polysorbate 80 4.5 oz
  • Propylene Glycol 4 oz
  • Sodium Lactate 8 oz

I have some reviews that I'll be posting tomorrow and I'll try to get the comparison video of the cleansing balms up over the weekend.  I'm still missing some ingredients that'll be coming in the SEA order, but I have enough in here to do a simple Vit C + Ferulic Acid serum at least!  Some more sciency posts to come.