Beauty Tools Week: Every Drop Spatulas

Next up on Beauty Tools Week is something that I hunted down like a madwoman.  They were kind of hard to find, and where I could find them, they were stupidly overpriced, but I had to have them.  Have you heard of these Every Drop Spatulas?  They're amazing.  Overpriced, and kind of ridiculous, but amazing.

I ended up getting both the regular Spatula and the Lip Spatula, because it was cheaper to get them as a set, but my primary target was just the Lip Spatula.  I was just getting into AB, and really wanted to try out samples of everything.  For that, I told myself, I needed this Lip Spatula.

The backs of the packages.  Apparently, these are not dishwasher safe.

The intended use for the regular spatula is to scrape out foundation and moisturizer from their containers, so you can get every last drop.  Same with the lip spatula, but that one is made smaller, to be able to fit into lip gloss tubes.  They're made of silicone, I think, and they basically look like tiny ass spatulas.

This is what I use mine for.  See how in the first square, the emulsion is going nowhere?  You can shake it, smack it, (bop it!) and it's not going to come out of that bottle.  Most people end up using Q-tips to scoop stuff out, but I don't really love that idea.  With the lip spatula, I can easily reach in (the black handle is also flexible, for any weird shaped packaging), scoop out every last bit of the stuff, and it's washable and reusable.

Here's a closeup of the larger spatula.  I wish the smaller one was shaped more like this, but it doesn't need it.  I use this to scrape out my lotions.

A closeup of the lip spatula.  I use this for all my deluxe samples with narrow openings, and it works like an absolute dream.  My hubby mocks it, and thinks it's ridiculous, but it makes using samples so much easier, y'all.

I got mine, out of all places, from Staples, as they had the two for $10.99, which was the cheapest option for me at the time.  They now have the same set at Target for $10 even (grr).  They even have another set that has these squeezy things that look like they'd be perfect for the foil sample packets.  If you live near a Container Store though, this is probably the cheapest option.  I've seen a couple on Amazon too, but they were like $10 each, which is just dumbs.

If you get them from those stores, you can also get a little cash back by using Ebates.  If you'd like, you can use my affiliate link (obvious affiliate link), to sign up and get a $10 gift card back from Target, Amazon, or several other stores with your first purchase of $25 or more.