May The 3B Box Unboxing

This is only sort of an unboxing.  It's a goodbye.  I don't like spending money on surprises every month and getting lame surprises.

I don't think that the products that 3B chooses are bad, not at all.  I just think if I'm paying $12 for mystery products, they should be 
  1. Worth more than $12.
  2. New/exciting/neat stuff that I would want.
Yes, I enjoy the Tonymoly hand creams.  No, I don't need a sample of a high pH cleanser.  No, I don't need falsies (although they're glam) and a brow pencil.  But even if I did, everything here is worth roughly $12 or less.  If that's the deal, then I can just go select these things myself from Tester Korea or RoseRoseShop.  I tend to avoid subscription boxes, because I don't like paying for surprises and getting let down, and this is just too little for too much for me.  I'll take my $12 a month elsewhere, probably sheet masks.

Seriously, look:

Some of these were from Memebox in a recent order, but I grabbed 6 higher end hydrogel masks for $15 on a Facebook group.  These were all things that I wanted, and will definitely put to good use.  I don't have an endless monthly beauty budget.  I also don't like getting duds that I have to either sell or gift away.  Sorry, 3B, but it's not you, it's me.