Memebox Mystery Flowers Unboxing

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Memebox had a little scavenger hunt on their US site recently.  They had 6 flowers in different price ranges scattered around their website, and I got suckered into grabbing all of them.

I ordered the five cheapest flowers first, and then found the Water Lily later, so they came in two different boxes.  My first box contained 6 items, which confused me, as I was expecting a veritable bounty of skincare treasures.  Let's recap, I ordered these:

  • Ranunculus - $4 for $10 of products
  • Peony - $6 for $15 of products
  • Dahlia - $8 for $20 of products
  • Stargazer Lily - $12 for $30 of products
  • Hydrangea - $22 for $55 of products
Right, so that's $52 for $130 of products.  I actually paid $44.20 for them, because Memebox always has those 15% off coupons, but still.  Below is what came in the box.  cbiancardi, an amazing Redditor, helped me find the Memebox prices for them (which are retail, I'm guessing?).

  • Lioele Eyeshadow - $8.50, sale $6.00
  • Lioele Eyeliner - $18.50 (that was if it was the gel liner, which it wasn't)
  • Banila Co. Let Me Start Primer - $30.50, sale $27
  • IPKN BB Cream - $35, Daily Grind Box
  • Bavar Oriental Lab Max Calming Cream - $47, Baby Soft Box
  • Missha Near Skin Total Repairing Hydrogel Mask - $5, Lunar Chinese New Year Mystery Box
Except, c'mon guys.  Those aren't worth $144, or even close to $130.  The Lioele eyeshadow is 2,500 won on TesterKorea.  The Lioele liner is actually the Dollish Pearl Eyeliner, which is $8.89 on eBay.  The Banila Co. primer is still on Memebox for $27.   IPKN BB Cream is on Gmarket for around $12-15.  The Bavar Cream, which sounds a lot like my Moksha Bidan cream, goes for around $14.  The Missha hydrogel is also listed on MisshaUS's site for $5.  That's at best $72.50 worth of stuff, but the problem isn't the value.  The problem is I don't really want any of these things.  If somebody had a huge pile of skincare goodies in front of me, and said I could pick 5 for $45, I would never grab these things.  I was already really frustrated over my Avecko order (another post) and my crappy 3B box, this was just icing on the crap cake.  Then Saturday came, and I got my Water Lily box.

The Water Lily box was suppose to be $35 for $100 worth of products.  It came with a Deluxe Sample (??? Why?)  of the Dear by Enprani Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream, which I'm going to value at $1, because it's a damn sample.  Ferderma Egyptian Diet Soap, which smelled really intensely of rosemary, and WTF is diet soap???  About Me Skin Tone Up Massage Cream, which...I don't even know.  And a Caolin BaB PooL....thing.  I don't know.  I basically opened the box, saw these things, and closed it back up.  4 items, one being a deluxe sample.  Yep.

Luckily, there's a bit of a silver lining here.  I emailed Memebox requesting a refund, and it was pretty much the most pleasant experience ever.  They emailed me back immediately with a form to fill out and include, basically asking what I was returning and why, and included the prepaid shipping label.  I didn't have to pay some BS restocking fee or anything.  So....thumbs up for their customer service.  Maybe if they recover from the terrible decision of going US only and start bringing back good quality, value boxes I'll consider going back, but for now, I think I've learned my lesson.