How I pH test

Hi guys.  Long time no see.  Sorry about that, that's my bad.  I decided to quit a crappy job and expand the Co-Op to full time, so there are a lot of awkward growing pains and adjusting right now.  I actually have a bunch of posts in the works, I just...haven't gotten around to fleshing them all out.  But anyway - enough excuses!  Onto some fun!

Why test pH?

For the most part, skincare isn't really pH dependent.  Most creams, toners, and serums tend to hang around the 5.5 mark, just...because.  They also don't usually have ingredients that need to be in a certain range to be happy.  But some products do.  And those that do really need them to be within a small window.  Acids, for example, won't exfoliate if they're not in an acidic enough environment.  Vitamin C, for example, needs a very specific pH range or it's just useless.

And then there are cleansers.  Read these posts by Kerry (Skin & Tonics) and Cat (Snow White & the Asian Pear)  on the importance of a mildly acidic cleanser to have your mind blown.  My take on it?  I live the low pH life, baby.  

We ride low on the pH scale.