K-Beauty Hunting in Dallas, TX

Finally getting around to posting this!  I have put some of these up on my Twitter and Instagram, but didn't want to spam too much.  We took a family vacation down to Dallas a couple of days ago (apparently great timing, right before all this snow) and I made a special trip out to Carrollton to hunt down some Korean beauty products in person.  It was amazing!

I did a little googling before we came, and there is this plaza called the Furneaux Creek Village Shopping Center that is full of Korean and Japanese stores and restaurants.  Missha's website listed that they had a store there, however in my excitement, I totally didn't see the "coming soon" part.  Boo hiss...

Haul: Beautynetkorea makeup essentials

I am doing my Mother's Day shopping early, ...because it gives me an excuse to break my no-buys (I know, I know).  But in my defense, I kind of had to try out some other stores, for the sake of the blog...yes...that sounds good.

Anyway, this isn't a very big haul.  I picked up some makeup that I've been needing, seeing how all of my makeup is like 8 years old.

Tonymoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid 1+1 (3), The Saem Concealer, and Clio Pen Liner in Kill Black

Review: su:m37 Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion (with translated ingredients list)

Ever since I discovered Korean beauty, I have been lusting after the su:m37 Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion.  It was way out of my budget though, especially considering I had to build an entire routine, so even the cheapest products added up for a 10-step routine.  However, I ran into a great deal last month though, so here it finally is!

Review: su:m37° Water-Full Skin Refresher (with translated ingredients)

I'm so excited!  We are going to Dallas for a mini-vacation in a couple of weeks, and I just found out there are a bunch of Korean beauty stores all nestled together there.  I will make sure to take plenty of pictures!

Today though, I will be doing my initial review of the su:m37° Water-Full Skin Refresher.  This took way longer than necessary to do, but it's finally here!  I promise, I'll get the review for the Gel Lotion as well as the ingredients lists for the rest of the products in the Water-Full line up ASAP!

Unboxing: Memebox Daily Must Wears

Hi everyone! I got this on Monday, and have been dilly-dallying, so apologies! This is my very first Memebox, and I'm actually quite happy with it. Their reputation is a little questionable lately, so I was really worried about it. I ordered it on January 14th, and got it February 2nd.