When the Ingredients List Doesn't Matter

The title is a little misleading, but...just...hear me out.

First off, go read this post on Fanserviced-B.  Prepare to have your mind blown.

I feel the same way about her kpop blog too.  Especially the #kai tag.

Wait no, come back.  I mean, read the post on ingredients, but don't go through the Jongin's Best Pelvic Thrusts of 2015 (#eommaya!) posts yet, or you'll never make it back.

The Thin Line Between Blogging and Setting Up Shop

Hello.  It's me.  Long time no see.  How are you?  Me?

I opened a shop.  I started a podcast with some amazing women. I dyed my hair silver! It's been pretty quiet and neglected on here (even my skin has been pretty neglected), but I'm still alive on Instagram and Snapchat.

Most of my hair stuff has been posted on Snapchat.  (theonetruesnail)