The Thin Line Between Blogging and Setting Up Shop

Hello.  It's me.  Long time no see.  How are you?  Me?

I opened a shop.  I started a podcast with some amazing women. I dyed my hair silver! It's been pretty quiet and neglected on here (even my skin has been pretty neglected), but I'm still alive on Instagram and Snapchat.

Most of my hair stuff has been posted on Snapchat.  (theonetruesnail)

And I'm going to be back here as well.  I've been writing drafts and saving them, or deleting them, or Evernoting potential ideas, ...endless ideas.  It's not just that I don't have time.

It's that I'm a shopowner now.  Or am I?  Is this how I define myself?  Am I a shopowner who once had a blog, or am I a blogger who has a shop?

I've been fighting myself over this for the past 4 months.  Can I make and sell stuff and write reviews that people won't side eye?  Will I turn into a salt lick, criticizing anything that's not mine?  Will things I review positively be judged as some sort of conspiracy?  Will this blog turn into "promotional content" for my shop?

This post brought to you by Holy Snails!  Oh, excuse me, my gag reflex is trying to do some ballet.

And you know what my answer is?

I just don't care anymore.  I started this blog because I wanted to do my own thing.  I wanted to share my thoughts in my own little space on the internet.  So...I will.

And there will continue to be DIY posts, because there's a lot I have to share.  But unfortunately, there's a line now.  I can share some experiences, I can even share some recipes, but...but I sell these things too.  So can I walk you through each step of the latest Shark Sauce recipe?  Unfortunately, no.  It doesn't feel good, because some people are genuinely just curious and wanting to get into DIY, and some people want to take and get hungrier with each bite, and I'm sorry.

There's even going to be some stuff on hair.  Not that I'm posting tutorials or anything ridiculous like that.  I've only pretty much just...discovered my own hair...back in December.  Before then, I just wash it regularly and tie it back, pretending it doesn't exist.  But I want to document what I did, what I did wrong, and plans.  I think it'll be interesting to see it from the non-Pinterest Perfect side, don't you?
Yeah, it looked really gross for a good week at least...

What won't there be....  There won't be a "10 Uses For Shark Sauce" post.  There won't be a "Snowbang Is What Your Face Needs This Valentine's Day" post, nor "Remember, Perseids Oil is 10% off during this meteor shower!" bullshit.  Because...y'all, if you've seen my Instagram, you'll barely see any Holy Snails shop stuff on there.   I even forgot to log into the shop's Instagram account for about 2 weeks.  My Twitter?  My Twitter is full of EXO and absolutely random crap.  (Also, update, I fell down the K-Pop rabbit hole.  Hard.  Thank Fan-B for that.)  I made Shark Sauce because I was frustrated at what companies weren't making.  And then I made the shop, because spreadsheets and emails were getting too complicated and time-consuming.  Even the shop's Instagram account doesn't have any real "promotional" stuff, and just announcements.

I get to choose, right?  I choose to be the blogger who has a shop, not the shopowner trying to play blogger.