K-Beauty Hunting in Dallas, TX

Finally getting around to posting this!  I have put some of these up on my Twitter and Instagram, but didn't want to spam too much.  We took a family vacation down to Dallas a couple of days ago (apparently great timing, right before all this snow) and I made a special trip out to Carrollton to hunt down some Korean beauty products in person.  It was amazing!

I did a little googling before we came, and there is this plaza called the Furneaux Creek Village Shopping Center that is full of Korean and Japanese stores and restaurants.  Missha's website listed that they had a store there, however in my excitement, I totally didn't see the "coming soon" part.  Boo hiss...

So yeah, there's a sneak peak of what it will look like, but it would've been great to be able to actually shop.  Oh well.

Next was the Tonymoly.  The girl in there was so nice (which is special, believe me).  I regret not picking up so much stuff there, but I am suppose to be on a no buy as is.  I left my wallet in the car before going into every shop so I couldn't impulse buy.  They had everything, and it was so adorable, but wow, is everything more expensive!

Look at all this cute just lined up together!

Too cute!

All these lip products!  I need them!

Guh!  Cute little faces!

Seriously, the girl was so nice.  She was also totally cool with me taking like a ton of pictures after explaining that I was a lame tourist who can't access any KB where I live.  That was not so with like anywhere else I went, where people were like, "Um, no, you can't take pictures......why are you taking pictures?"

Next was The Face Shop.  The prices here were actually quite a bit higher than Tonymoly's.  The cleansing balm that I bought from 11st, for example, was $26 there.  

It was also really green lighting there, so it was kind of difficult to get a neutral colored picture.

All the beautiful rainbow of makeup.

How cute are these lotions, seriously?  These are overpriced compared to like RoseRoseShop or TesterKorea, but considering how you have to pay shipping, and especially the lotions tend to be pricey to ship, these actually come out to be alright.

So many masks...  The little purple packets in the middle are a new design, where it's rolled up instead of folded so it's easier to pack.  Pretty spiffy!

Sorry for the blurry picture, but last place was HMart, which we need to revisit, because it's just awesome.  It has tons of food, as well as a bunch of little shops inside it.

Not KBeauty, but gorgeous, beautiful, delicate, delicious macarons...  *drool*

I almost passed by this, since there were plenty of department stores that carry Shiseido where I live, but I spotted some masks in the window as I was rushing by.  Dewytree!  They had a couple of other brands as well, but I was really curious about these.

I just grabbed two of them, and she gave me a ton of samples.  She was really helpful and pleasant.

Some Hada Labo!  And some other stuff...

Some Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, Shiseido Perfect Whip, and some other popular items.

All kinds of funky masks.

Including boob masks!

The Amore Pacific store inside the HMart.

Mamonde sheet masks, buy 10 get 5 free deal.  They looked soooo nice.

Some Aritaum sheet masks.

The Amore Pacific store had Sulwhasoo!  Right there for sampling!  I got to try out the Timetreasure line, and I sniffed like everything.  It was weirding the lady out.

This needs to be stationed everywhere, seriously.  I actually got to swatch the dang foundations.

A Cosmetic World also inside the HMart.  They had Missha, SK-II, and It's Skin, along with some other brands.

So upset.  I wanted to try out an SK-II mask, but they only had them in packs of 6 or more, and that was way outside of my budget.

This trip just feeds the addiction, I swear.  I didn't spend much, but I'm lining up all the things I need to get for next time.