Haul: Surprise su:m37 Waterfull haul from HonestSkin!

I have a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with su:m37.  Specifically, their Waterfull toner and moisturizer.  Why?  There are lots of good things in them, and people who use them give glowing recommendations for them, but I think mostly it's because of the gorgeous packaging.  Guh, so blue.  I'm a sucker for that blue and silver look.  Beautiful.

I was e-window shopping and adding all kinds of ridiculous things to my cart, and then I saw this:

So blue.

I did some math:  TesterKorea lists them for 53,000 won (lotion) and 43,000 won (refresher) regular price, so that's like 30ish% off.  I've been lusting, I've been so good, ...I need this.

This is my first order from HonestSkin, and I will probably use them again despite some shoddy customer service (I had a coupon, but had no clue how to apply it, since I assumed I would be able to enter it somewhere, instead of "downloading" a coupon first and then having that apply later, they refused to even acknowledge me).  It shipped very fast, and just for $5!

I danced a little jig getting this from my postlady.
Oh yeah, I also ordered tons of bubble wrap!
So many samples!
That's a pretty big box...

Ok, y'all, I thought it would actually be like two small boxes, one with the lotion, the other the refresher.  I was kind of confused when I saw the package at first, because I thought it was just way too big.  This box is like four times the size I expected.  Because!!!!....

It's a box set with delu----oh, c'mon, why is everything out of place?

This didn't just shuffle out of place... *eyes customs people*

There we go.  Rearranged.  *ahem*  BOX SET WITH DELUXE SAMPLES!!!

Let's reiterate.  I was completely ONLY expecting to get this:

Hello, blue darlings.

And instead, I got this!

Left to right:  Gel Lotion (full size), Skin Refresher (full size), Skin Refresher (deluxe sample size), Gel Cream (deluxe sample size), Triple Story Ampoule (full size?), Gel Mist (deluxe sample size)
This totally makes my day even though I can't use them yet, y'all.  Let's take a closer look!

Water-full Rebalancing Gel Lotion

I honestly expected these to be tiny, like MRCS sized, from some people's pictures, but it's actually a very reasonable size.

It comes with a clear cap and a pump dispenser.

Close up of the dispenser.
Water-full Skin Refresher

I love how the glass makes it look like it's glowing.

The cap unscrews, and there's a typical reducer at the top.  I would've preferred a spray nozzle.

Close up of the top/reducer.

Water-full Skin Refresher (deluxe sample)
This is actually pretty dang big for a sample.  I was surprised!

It has a little ding on the outside, but everything's intact.

Water-full Gel Cream (deluxe sample)

Water-full Triple Story Ampoule (full size!)

It has three phases, which is kind of hard to see, so I doodled some lines in there.

Water-full Timeless Water Gel Mist (deluxe sample)

All the samples!
It'll be a little while, unfortunately, before I get around to doing the initial review for these, because I have so many other products ahead of it, and will most likely wait until it gets warmer.  I will do a pH test and ingredients lists very soon, so maybe just a "first impressions" post instead of initial review, but they smell soooo good, y'all!  It's like a bouquet of exotic flowers distilled into glowing blue bottles.