Beauty Tools Week: Daiso Japan Reusable Silicone Mask Cover Review: My First HG Product!

I bought this on a whim a couple of months back.  At the time, I thought it was a little kooky, but pretty interesting.  Little did I know how big of a deal this is.

I'm going to be reviewing beauty tools this week, so I figured I'd start off with my first and (so far) only HG product.

The Description:
Silicone Grace Mask (for face masks)/Silicone Moisturizing Mask (for sheet masks)


  • Wrapping effect - worn over a sheet mask, it prevents the mask's serum from evaporating under air conditioning.
  • With ear loops to prevent the sheet mask from slipping off when you  move.
  • Used in the bath without a sheet mask, it works as a face-steaming mask.
  • Made of silicone material that does not have the unpleasant odor peculiar to rubber.
  • Can be washed and reused.

Yes, it's a sheet mask that goes over your sheet mask, so it can sheet mask while you sheet mask.


About the Brand:

Daiso Japan is a 100-yen shop, which kind of translates into American dollar stores.  They're all over California and Washington, but unfortunately, haven't spread out to little bitty towns like where I live.

Price: ($)

I overpaid for this.  Sort of.  Apparently, these go for around $1, give or take, in the store.  I paid $4.50 on Amazon with Prime shipping (seems to have gone up a little).  The way I see it, since I don't live anywhere near a Daiso Japan, it's worth the extra $3.50 for 2 day shipping.  Even if it cost a couple of bucks more, I would still gladly pay that, knowing what I know now.  This has absolutely transformed sheet masks for me, y'all.

Daiso Japan's website has a 10 pack for $16 also, so you could get one, and hand out the rest as party favors!  [5/5]


This mask is made of 100% silicone, which makes it reusable and hygienic.  It has a temperature range of -20 C to 220 C (-4 F to 428 F), which means you should be able to safely boil it to sanitize, although I just wash it with reject high pH cleansers and hang it up to dry.  [5/5]


Any Batman fans?  Total Death of the Family vibe going on in this picture.  And yes, because it refuses to lay flat, this picture is about as un-creepy as it gets for a flat shot.

This is just a face mask with two ear loops.  It's made of very thin, but sturdy silicone, and does not lay flat as it's meant to conform to your face.  For some people, this mask might be a little snug.  It actually has a little wiggle room for customizing, by snipping in at the ear loops.  Mine is a pretty good fit for my face, although it can be slightly pinching above the ear if I don't position it correctly.  This also fits nicely under your chin, which fixes the problem where if you're sitting/standing, and the bottom half of the sheet mask just dangles away from your face (especially larger/weird shaped ones).

There are two ways you can use this product.  It can go on your bare face after/during shower/bath, to kind of have a steam effect, or it can be layered over a regular sheet mask.  I've yet to put it on bare face, so I can't speak for how comfortable/effective that is, but it is heavenly for sheet masks. 

Just a sheet mask on.  (This is the Freeset Donkey Milk mask, just cuz.)

I can't lay still and zen out when I do sheet masks, y'all.  I have to move around, and I have a 2 year old who doesn't care if my sheet mask falls off.  She needs to play her squirrel game.  That's why for a little while, I thought about swearing them off completely, because they were kind of a pain to commit 20-40 minutes to laying still.  With this, I can talk, eat, do yoga, play Super Mario, anything. 

Empowered by the mighty mask cover!

I even do the Chizu Saeki cotton square mask technique every now and then, and this cover holds everything firmly in place.  You know how some masks come with tons of essence, and you can save them for later applications?  This is also perfect for when I get a little crazy squeezing out some of the excess, as it still holds the mask firmly against my face (vs. flapping in the wind, as a naked, drier sheet mask would).   [5/5]

Personal View:

Banana pack for scale.

I love this.  Absolutely.  It keeps my sheet masks from evaporating into the air, concentrating all of that moisture into my skin, which is supposedly the effect of hydrogels.  It makes it possible for me to not only do sheet masks regularly, but enjoy the crap out of them too.  If this ever got lost or damaged, I would instantly rebuy.  I have no hesitations recommending this to anybody and everybody.  You need this.  Everyone needs this.  Want to improve your sheet masks?   Check.  Want to look like a serial killer?  Check.  Budget gimp mask?  Check!  [5/5]


The Good:  Everything.  Cheap, reusable, keeps you from wasting sheet mask essence, allows you to move around and do things while wearing sheet masks.  HG!

The Bad:  Might not fit everyone, even with adjustments.  May be hard to get.
  • Price:  5/5
  • Ingredients:  5/5
  • Performance:  5/5
  • Personal View:  5/5
  • Average:  5/5 (HG)