Unboxing my first Avecko haul!

It came, y'all.  The Package That Was Promised.  I was starting to think it would never happen, and then it made it stateside.  Then the USPS tracking started updating, and I kept expecting it to be delayed or lost or returned to Korea or some crazy stuff.  And then the mailman showed up, and I totally did a crazy woman dance as I raced up the stairs to open it.  This is Part 1 of a three part post on Avecko, so there's not that much information beyond pictures and some first impressions.  More details will be in the second post, and the third will be some ranty stuff on Avecko and a little tutorial.

Ta-da!  I went in with a friend of mine for our first order, so some of this stuff is hers.  Everything made it ok, no leaks, no missing items.  I was getting nervous, because a lot of people reported their Beauty of Joseon creams coming from Korea Depart to be all spilled and half empty.

There she is, the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream that Cat (Snow White & the Asian Pear, link is to the review) fell in love with.  It's so pretty, y'all.  I don't think I can ever use it, because the thing is paper, and what if it gets damaged?!

Ugh, all Hangul.  Fun stuff.

It comes with a really long spatula, and nowhere to put it, which is kind of a pet peeve, but look at it.

I womaned up and carefully removed the wrapping.  It's still very pretty without.

I think the jar is about....85% full?  It's not like filled to the brim, so maybe the people who got spilled cream didn't actually lose as much product as they thought they did.

It smells very light and floral.  I can't pinpoint what floral smell it is, but I will later once I've had time to let it marinate on my face (which will be a while, allergies are terrible).  It absorbs well on my scaly man hands.

It's the Scinic Bros!  The Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule is suppose to be a dupe for the Shara Shara Honey Bomb, but (possibly) better ingredients and WAY cheaper.  Then my friend pointed out that if I got it from a different site than the one I had scoped out, it was even cheaper and had the Snail All In One Ampoule.  So of course, I snagged both.

This thing is huge for a skincare product.  It's like the size of an actual jar of honey.  It smells like honey too, and has a really neat consistency.  Like a watery gel.

OMG, English ingredients!  It makes me so happy to see English ingredients!

It's very easy to spread, and absorbs quickly.  Smells like very light honey.  Yum.

How cute is that snail?  This is the Snail All-In-One Ampoule, which was a little bit more than the Honey one.  It has a very familiar smell, but I can't pinpoint it at the moment.  Very light perfume, and it has the same consistency.

Again, ENGLISH!  So happy!

It has the same consistency as the Honey AIO.  I'm pretty excited about it too, but unfortunately, it's the Year of Honey, so it'll have to wait for a while before it gets tested.

I snagged the Goodal Super Seed oil Plus Balancing Emulsion when it was 50% off.  The ingredients look amazing, and I really wanted to try some Goodal goodness.  The Waterest Water Oil is the only sample I got out of the entire package, which is fine as I'm really excited about that one as well.

100 ml of product.  Very decent size bottle.  The cap confused me, but it just screws off.

This is also the only thing in the entire haul that has a foil seal.  Everything else just opens up willy nilly.

Front and back shots.

Look!  English ingredients!  Oh, it's like my birthday or something.

Sample of Goodal's Waterest Lasting Water Oil, which I've been lusting after since I read Tracy's (Fanserviced-B) review of it and the essence.

Goodal sheet masks.  I grabbed one of each, and doubles of a couple to get free domestic shipping.  They look so nice and pretty.

English ingredients again!

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask.  It has Galactomyces, so maybe an SK-II sheet mask dupe?  They were like $0.25 each (............way, way before shipping), so I figured why the heck not.

No English.  These things are huge.

Secret Key Snail Repairing Mask Pack.  Snaily goodness.  How can I turn that down?

Front and back.  Again, no English.

Size comparisons of the three sheet mask types.  Isn't that crazy?  Secret Key makes these humongous ones and then they have these teensie weensie ones.

One last shot of everything.  To summarize, I got:

  • Scinic Snail All In One Ampoule
  • Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule
  • Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream
  • Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Balancing Emulsion
  • Secret Key Snail Repairing Mask Pack (10 masks)
  • Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask (10 masks)
  • Goodal Sheet Masks (10 masks)

Next post:  How much I paid, my product selection process, and a spreadsheet or two.